Arunachal Art and Crafts

In this agricultural society weaving and basketry are the main craft of the region. It meets the daily needs of the people and also generates employment for a large section of the population of the state. Cane and bamboo are used as raw materials for house building, making baskets, fishing trap, construction of suspension bridges, religious items etc. Small articles of personal adornment such as calflets, leglets and necklaces are also made of basketry techniques.


People of Arunachal have fully utilized the root of the rhododendron for making beautiful household utensils and birch wood for various purposes.


Beaded ornaments and jewellery of various types are found in all over Arunachal Pradesh and abundantly in Tirap district.

Manufacturing of traditional ornaments of cast, bronze and silver is restricted and concentrated only in few pockets of Lohit, Kameng and Siang district. In earlier time sizeable portion of required metals and other finished product were imported from Tibet.

‘Grass necklace’ making is an important occupation in the districts of Tawang, West Kameng and of the Wangcho tribe of Tirap District. The main raw-material used in a kind of reed, grown near stream and river side during September to February. The skin of the reed is of golden colour when the plant is mature.

Carpet making is mainly concentarted in Changlang and Upper Siang areas. Arunachal Pradesh’s carpet has been acclaimed to be of National & International repute. The items produced are wall hanging, cushion pad, telephone pad, floor covering etc.

Tangkha painting, an artistic craft is prevalent mainly in Buddhist dominated area like Tawang, West Kameng, Upper Siang Districts. The motif of the painting is mostly religious subjects and motifs of traditional value.

Arunachal Pradesh can be called a store House of Handloom designs as its 20 major tribes and more than 100 sub-tribes each have appealing handloom designs. The products are: Skirt (Gale), Shirt (Galuk), cotton shawl, side bag, curtains etc. These are priced according to the quality, traditional value, motive and design.