Beyul Pemako Trekking

    22 Days


    Arunachal Pradesh - Bhutan

    • Trek to sacred sites of the holy beyul (hidden paradise) of Pemako
    • Trek through pristine and remote landscapes of the mysterious eastern Himalayas.
    • Visit a region incredibly rich in flora and fauna, and is a part of Dibang Valley Biosphere Reserve
    • Visit the beautiful sacred lakes of Danakosha, where the path to liberation clears and tantric powers are abound
    • Visit the sacred site and temple of Dewakota, associated with many legends related to Padmasambhava
    • Visit tribal villages of Khampa Tribe, Adi Tribe, and Buddhist villages

    For nearly 2000 years, the notion of an earthly paradise or Shangri La hidden among the peaks of Asia has captivated the human imagination. Western explorers combed the region in search of this hidden land of bliss and nectar…

Eastern Routes