Birdwatchers Paradise

    21 Days


    Arunachal Pradesh - Assam

    • 6 National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in 3 weeks
    • Experience a rain forest trekking in Namdapha National Park
    • An incredible biodiversity

    This program guides you through a diversity of wildlife parks where you can observe the birds in a very detailed manner. Our bird guide will be along with you to spot and identify the birds. You will be walking…

    Namdapha Trail

    9 Days


    Arunachal Pradesh

    • Trek in India's densest Rainforest
    • Bird watching in a land of more than 500 species of birds
    • Meet remote tribes (Singpho, Tangsa and Lisu) who live a marvellous sustainable life
    • Learn about surviving skills in a forest
    • Discover the culture of the Tai tribe in Assam

    Namdapha National Park in Changlang district on the eastern tip of the state was declared Tiger Reserve in 1983 by the government of India. Located close to Himalayan ranges, the stunning park that lies across various altitudes ranging between 200 and 4500…

Eastern Routes