Meghalaya Cuisine

The Meghalayan cuisine is heavily tilted in favour of meat, particularly pork. Jadoh – a spicy dish of rice and pork is eaten almost any time. Besides, the famous local pork delicacies cooked Khasi-style, Shillong is also the Mecca of authentic Chinese food. Kyat, the local brew made from rice, adds zing to all the local celebrations. You can taste it at any of the bars spread all over Shillong Meghalaya.

In Meghalaya, a favourite Khasi delicacy is that of Jadoh, a delicious blend of rice and pork. There is also the delicious tungrymbai a spicy chutney mix of fermented beans which gives a lift to the simplest of meals.

Ka Kiad um & Bitchi
Rice-beer (ka’iad um) is a necessity for practically all Khasi and Synteng (Jaintia) religious ceremonies. It is the custom of the officiating priest to pour liberal quantities of the liquor from a hollow gourd (u klong) and offer to the gods on these occasions.

Bitchi is a fermented rice beer brewed only in the Garo Hills. It’s the colour of dull honey, and packed with a wonderful smoky, sweet flavor. It is light and has a delicious taste.

Both the concoctions are crystal clear with tempting flavors made from locally available fruits.