From the rocky heights of the Sahyadri Mountains to the salt marshes of the Kachchh Desert, Gujarat is one of India’s most interesting states. Stroll through the 8,000-year-old remains of the ancient Indus Valley civilization. Discover the relics of the Buddhist emperor Ashoka and the Mughal invasions. Soak up the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. Dance in the streets for nine nights in Navratri.

Enjoy unparalleled hospitality. Discover vibrant craftsmanship, exquisite architecture, colourful festivals and eclectic traditions. Join five millennia of sailors, merchants and settlers from around the world and discover Gujarat. Known for its silk, handicrafts and finely carved furniture, Gujarat is one of the first craft destinations in India.

Various architectural riches, colonial remains, tribal villages with highly traditional customs and national park combine to allow you to discover the masterpieces of medieval Indian art, the vast expanses of the salty kutch desert or to observe the last lions of Asia:

    Leopard with its natural camouflage in Bera, Rajathan

    Asiatic Lion and Rajasthan Leopard

    Gujarat - Rajasthan

    • The only place on Earth to watch the Asiatic Lion
    • Many other species: Indian Wolf, Striped Hyenas, Leopards, Blackbuck Antelope, Wild Ass ...
    • Some of the most underrated parks in the Indian subcontinent
    • Hundreds of bird species

    The National Park of Gir in Gujarat is the only place in the world where you can see Asiatic lions in their natural habitat! Enjoy thrilling safaris that take you through the rugged terrain of this savannah-like forest that…