A former kingdom of the Eastern Himalayas on the border of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Sikkim is one of the jewels of the Himalayan world. Dominated by the Kangchenjunga (the third highest peak in the world), deep valleys, cut into cultivated terraces or covered with exuberant vegetation where wild orchids and tree rhododendrons grow, lie between the snow-capped peaks. The Sikkim, where the memory of Alexandra David NĂ©el still floats, remains one of those places that carry the soul and inspire the spiritual quest. If Hinduism is widely represented, it is above all Buddhism which gave its most beautiful architectural achievements, such as the Rumtek monastery or the Pemayangtse monastery.

    Tea plantation in Lava, Kalimpong

    Local life in Darjeeling and Sikkim

    Sikkim - West Bengal

    • Share nights and meals at home for real moments of exchange
    • Active participation in life on Darjeeling tea plantations
    • Discover the origin of organic tea
    • Experience beautiful adventures in a wild and benevolent nature

    In the ancient lands of the kingdom of Sikkim, at the crossroads of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, it is a unique human adventure that we offer you to live. The welcoming inhabitants will share with you a part of…