Walk in the Clouds


  • Off road trails
  • Discover the living root bridges
  • Immersion in Khasi culture

Meghalaya has a number of valleys, highland plateaus and lush green hills and is speckled with big waterfalls. The abundant richness in nature and geography has made it possible for … Read moreWalk in the Clouds

Namdapha Trail

Arunachal Pradesh

  • Trek in India’s densest Rainforest
  • Bird watching in a land of more than 500 species of birds
  • Meet remote tribes (Singpho, Tangsa and Lisu) who live a marvellous sustainable life
  • Learn about surviving skills in a forest
  • Discover the culture of the Tai tribe in Assam

Namdapha National Park in Changlang district on the eastern tip of the state was declared Tiger Reserve in 1983 by the government of India. Located close to Himalayan ranges, the … Read moreNamdapha Trail

Nagaland by Foot


  • Climb the 3 highest peaks of Nagaland
  • Explore the beautiful Dzukou Valley
  • Experience rural homestay and Naga hospitality

This beautiful trip will take you to the heartland of Nagaland which holds in its fold some of the most amazing sights and mesmerising experiences. Dzukou Valley is known as … Read moreNagaland by Foot

Dree Valley Trekking

Arunachal Pradesh

  • Interact with Mishmi tribe
  • An “end of the world” atmosphere
  • Visit the last Indian tribal village in the region

This is a trekking circuit in the eastern part of the Arunachal Himalayas. The trek leads through tribal villages and green mountains of the Dree Valley. Tribal villages of the … Read moreDree Valley Trekking

Blue Mountain Trail


  • Discover Mizo rural lifestyle
  • Climb the Blue Mountain
  • Explore the Hmuifang hills

Mizoram is highly underrated destination. Deep valleys, exotic culture, salubrious climate and rare natural flora and fauna are the reasons why Mizoram is worth exploring. First, head to Phawngpui or … Read moreBlue Mountain Trail

Beyul Pemako Trekking

Arunachal Pradesh - Bhutan

  • Trek to sacred sites of the holy beyul (hidden paradise) of Pemako
  • Trek through pristine and remote landscapes of the mysterious eastern Himalayas.
  • Visit a region incredibly rich in flora and fauna, and is a part of Dibang Valley Biosphere Reserve
  • Visit the beautiful sacred lakes of Danakosha, where the path to liberation clears and tantric powers are abound
  • Visit the sacred site and temple of Dewakota, associated with many legends related to Padmasambhava
  • Visit tribal villages of Khampa Tribe, Adi Tribe, and Buddhist villages

For nearly 2000 years, the notion of an earthly paradise or Shangri La hidden among the peaks of Asia has captivated the human imagination. Western explorers combed the region in … Read moreBeyul Pemako Trekking

Bailey Trail Trekking

Arunachal Pradesh

  • Hike through beautiful pine and rhododendron forests in the Eastern Himalayas
  • Cross Sela Pass at 4170 m
  • Explore tribal villages of the Monpa community
  • Discover the Buddhist hill-station of Tawang, home to Asia’s second largest monastery

“Bailey Trail” traces the historic route taken by Lt. Col. F M Bailey and Capt. H T Morshed, British officers who were commissioned to survey the lands between Arunachal Pradesh … Read moreBailey Trail Trekking