Our Team

At Eastern Routes we believe that the way we travel reflects the way we live. This translates into the way we run our business, the products we select to sell, and the holidays we arrange. Below we introduce you to each team member, each with a distinct profile and united with this shared ideology and vision.

 Laurige Boyer : Travel Designer

Laurige Boyer Green Tour DesignerA French eco entrepreneur and residing in India for 8 years and counting, Laurige divides his time between his projects in the Northeast, Himalayas and Varanasi. Laurige visited India after getting his International Tourism MBA in France to explore and gain work experience in a travel agency based in Delhi. After gaining 5 years of work experience as a production manager, he decided to work on his own projects in Ladakh, Varanasi and the Northeast. Whenever possible he is a freelance guide for motorcycle or trekking groups in Rajasthan, South India and the Himalayas.

Eastern Routes was born out of an intrigue for the unexplored Northeast. On countless visits to Meghalaya with his khasi wife, his fascination gradually developed into a plan of setting up a travel agency to promote this enchanting region. He founded Eastern Routes under a vision of “inspiring green journeys” in the Northeast.

All of Laurige’s projects spread across the country stem from the same ethical root – “respect for the natural and social environment”. Whether you spend a night in his eco-chic camp in Ladakh, or cruise the Ganga on his houseboat, or journey the Northeast with him and his team- you will notice the reflection of this ethical root in all his activities.

 Kriya Rynjah : Green Designer / Craft Tour Curator

A Khasi daughter, Kriya was brought up in one of the world’s most unique tribal societies that has a “matrilineal system”, where women own land and property and men move out of their home after marriage, something which is incredibly unusual and exemplar in India.

A graduate in Product Design from Birmingham City University, U.K., Kriya has worked for mainstream Product and Graphic Design companies in Delhi before breaking free and starting her own company from grassroot level. She decided to turn back to her homeland and use its natural resources and bounties in realising her design ideas.

She founded a green design collective called “MeghaDream” which embodies everything natural and handmade in Meghalaya. At MeghaDream, she engages the local community, thereby creating employment opportunities.

As a team member of Eastern Routes, Kriya handles the communication design and curates craft tours for our guests. With her in-depth knowledge of natural materials and their usage in craft by indigenous tribes of the Northeast, she adds unmatched value to bespoke itineraries created by Eastern Routes.