Our Team

Our Team

At Eastern Routes we believe that the way we travel reflects the way we live. This translates into the way we run our business, the products we select to sell, and the holidays we arrange. Below we introduce you to each team member, each with a distinct profile and united with this shared ideology and vision.

 Laurige Boyer : Travel Designer

Laurige Boyer

With India as his home for over ten years and counting, Laurige has worked extensively in the tourism industry in the inbound sector, introducing the world to the “incredible India” as he knows it. With an eye for the unknown, he found that India’s treasures lie its forest reserves and rural pockets, far from its bustling cities and off the beaten tracks.
He created an eco-chic camp in Ladakh (2012-2015) that successfully hosted responsible travellers seeking guilt-free luxury in the heart of one of India’s most impressive landscapes- The Himalayas.

In Varanasi, he collaborated with local boatmen to create a unique houseboat to give those on board the experience of a cruise that adopts the pace of the river, meandering through small villages and soaking in the natural sights for a deeper connection and understanding of India’s most sacred river- The Ganga.

His passion for seeking the unknown and explore India beyond the usual clichés led him to discover the unchartered territories of the Northeast. His extensive and continuous visits to these lands have forged a deeper connection and instilled a sense of responsibility to promote only sustainable tourism in these fragile lands. His honest stories and his sheer respect for everything that the Northeast embodies not only intrigues the listener but also inspires them to visit these lands with the same intentions and values that he upholds and promotes.

 Kriya Rynjah : Green Designer / Craft Tour Curator

Kriya Rynjah

A graduate in Product Design, Kriya quit her design job in New Delhi, to return home (Meghalaya) and explore bamboo with local artisans to create her organic label “Baa,” that specializes in wellness home accents and eat-ware. Her project has taken her on many journeys through the states of Assam and Meghalaya, where she witnessed a treasure trove of natural resources for use as green alternatives to plastic. These journeys also exposed the fragility of these lands and the local way of life that is threatened by modern development and mass tourism.

These insights on her homeland made her realize the need for solutions that are sustainable and progressive, which led her to co-create Eastern Routes with Laurige Boyer. At Eastern Routes, she heads communications, and she designs systems for local collaborations. Her local roots and extensive work experience with the local communities, bridges gaps and facilitates smooth execution of services that Eastern Routes offers in partnership with the locals.

Her organic label “Baa” is currently in the process of training locals to adopt craft as an alternate means of livelihood to reduce their dependency on seasonal occupations. The label also envisions to redefine the souvenir market in the Northeast by making them meaningful, useful, and symbolic of the place but yet befitting modern lifestyle. Blending the ideologies of her design label with that of Eastern Routes, she intends to inspire the locals to uphold their traditional way of life and their handmade artistry, and to reflect that in the goods and services they offer to travellers visiting their lands.

Alex Galey : Ze Geek

Alex Galey

French entrepreneur, Alex has been living in India for almost 4 years : Pondicherry in South India then Shillong in Meghalaya, Northeast India. While preparing his engineering diploma during last year at Arts et Métiers in Paris, he started his final project at Intercultural Network for Development and Peace, a NGO engaged in the transition back to natural growing practices. Graduated, he then continues to explore opportunities for a NGO-Company partnership aiming to ease access to market of agricultural products.

Recognizing India’s – yet to achieve – potential for tourism and green tourism, he begins consulting for digital transformation for SME’s in tourism. Living in Meghalaya, he meets Laurige, while he was at the edge of rebuilding Eastern Routes website. Instantly sharing common passions, they decide to partner to give Eastern Routes the visibility it deserves.

When he doesn’t have his nose on the laptop, Alex is loaded for adventure and is up to guide a tour in Northeast India – We must say in 2 years, he already roamed in 4 of the 7 sisters of India (especially Meghalaya), and a 3500km Royal Enfield road trip to Nepal. He is also fluent in Khasi, the language of one of the 3 major tribes of Meghalaya.

 Robin Boclet-Weller – ZeHood

Robin Boclet-Weller
Robin Boclet-Weller

Robin is our survival instructor. Originally from France, he spends most of the year on mission abroad, mainly in the Himalayas but also in Mongolia, Philippines, Tanzania… If you survived a plane crash, he’d definitely be the guy you’d want to be stranded with. The Nature has no secret for him and he loves to share his gigantic knowledge and primitive skills.

He immediately fell in love with Northeast India’s deep jungle and hospitable hunters. He is now conducting all our bushcraft trips in Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya.

Raju Kalita : Ze Pilote

Raju Kalita
Raju Kalita

Raju is our main driver or should we say … pilote, as the roads in Northeast require nerves of steel. Taking pictures of wildlife whenever he is not behind the wheel, you will appreciate his calmness and contagious smile.

He has travelled every nook and corner of the 7 Sisters.

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