Welcome to Bhutan, a kingdom of gross national happiness. Located in the eastern Himalayas bordering China and India, this proud Buddhist kingdom of the Himalayas blends history, culture and spectacular scenery in its best light. It is also one of the most inaccessible countries for motorcycle tourism in the world. Good quality roads encourage motorbike travel through its winding hills, high mountain passes and forests, all in the company of welcoming and friendly people.

This cultural and natural gem is also a birdwatcher’s paradise. The wide altitudinal range, from subtropical lowlands to Arctic-like mountain peaks, offers a range of climatic conditions and habitats, ranging from tropical jungle to high-altitude grassland that is home to more than 700 species of birds. They are home to some of the most exotic and rare species in the Eastern Himalayas. Several species of endangered birds are found in Bhutan, including the black-necked crane, which traditionally overwinters in the Phobjikha valleys. The diversity of bird life in Bhutan is fostered by migrations of hundreds of species between breeding grounds across a vast expanse of Central Asia and wintering areas on the subcontinent of India.

    Royal Bhutan : A Royal Enfield ride through Bhutan


    • Complete crossing of Bhutan at the handlebars of the mythical Royal Enfield
    • Immersion in one of the world's most fascinating and isolated cultures
    • Tibetan Buddhism living against a backdrop of sumptuous landscapes

    Options: 14 to 17 days Open to tourists only since 1991, Bhutan is one of the countries that tries to preserve its culture and environment as best as possible. Hidden in the heart of the mountains of the eastern…