Join the tribes to worship nature and appease the gods for the welfare of the cosmos. Witness culture and tradition come alive in the form of song, dance, and celebration

The naturistic tribes of India’s Northeast come together to celebrate in solidarity the ancient customs which they still uphold to this date. Come to see villages in colors galore and to experience the sounds of traditions that will stir you up for a long time coming.

Or experience the calmness and tranquility of Buddhism as a living religion of the mountainous people of India’s Northeast

Let the scent of spirituality take you to monasteries hidden in the clouds, and feel the power of the sounds and prayers resonating through the mountains and hills, as people gather to worship, praise and celebrate a religion that defines their way of life.

Attend the festivals of Northeast India :

    Luxurious Northeast

    Assam - Meghalaya - Nagaland

    • Hike down to the living root bridge in Cherrapunjee
    • Explore Kaziranga National Park
    • Discover Majuli, world’s 2nd largest river island

    Northeast India is no longer a remote destination fitted for packpackers. You can now discover its beauties in stunning properties and enjoy its hospitality without exiting your comfort zone. You start your journey in Guwahati, gateway of the Northeast.…

    Solung Festival

    Arunachal Pradesh

    • Experience the Solung Festival and interact with the Adi community
    • Enjoy local cuisine
    • Cross the mighty Brahmaputra by ferry

    Solung Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Arunachal Pradesh that is celebrated by the Adis of on beginning of September every year. It is an agro-based festival, but it also reflects the socio-religious features of the…

    Sekrenyi Festival


    • Discover the magnificent tribes of Nagaland
    • Attend the Sekrenyi festival of Angamis
    • Enjoy lush tropical forests, waterfalls, and the exotic beauty of tropical birds and flowers

    Sekrenyi festival is the main festival of Angami Nagas. It is mainly celebrated in Kohima on February and lasts 10 days. Sekrenyi festival is associated with a series of rituals and ceremonies. The first among the series of rituals…

    Raas Mahotsav Festival in Majuli

    Raas Mahotsav in Majuli


    • Discover different Satras of Majuli
    • Witness the the Raas Leela festival
    • Cross mighty river Brahmaputra on a ferry
    • Enjoy bicycle/motorcycle ride around the island

    Majuli literally means ‘land between two parallel rivers’ and so it was many centuries ago, lying between the rivers Brahmaputra to the north and Burhidihing in the south. Several earthquakes, changes in the course of the rivers and severe…

    Myoko Festival

    Arunachal Pradesh

    • Witness the rituals of the Myoko Festival
    • Taste the local cuisine
    • Interact with Apatanis and listen to their stories of past hunting glories and change of lifestyle

    Apatanis of Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh celebrate the Myoko festival in March every year. They attach importance to this festival as they have this age-old belief that by performing the rituals they can ensure fertility, both in the fields…

    Mopin Festival

    Arunachal Pradesh

    • Be a part of Adi Galo society to enjoy the Mopin Festival
    • Meet Adi Galo people, eat local food and drink rice beer
    • Cross the mighty Brahmaputra River on a ferry

    Gallongs in the Along-Basar-Bame areas celebrate Mopin festival in the first five days of April. Mopin is thought to bring wealth and prosperity to the village but also drive the evil shadow away and receive the blessing of God…

    Moatsu Mong Festival


    • Encounter the most diverse tribal land of India
    • Discover the tradition, music and dances of the tribesmen along with enjoying the festival among the locals
    • Stay in Local Naga cottages

    Moatsu Mong Festival is celebrated during the first week of May every year by the Ao tribe. Various rites and rituals are performed during this period. The festival is observed after the sowing is done. The festival time provides…

    Losar in Tawang

    Arunachal Pradesh

    • Drive through Sela pass which was once a Tibetan border
    • Enjoy the Buddhist New Year festival “Losar” among the Mahayana believers
    • Explore Asia’s second largest monastery

    In Arunachal Pradesh, Losar is celebrated by the Monpas who are a majority in Tawang. Belonging to the Mongoloid stock, the Monpas are mainly into agriculture and animal husbandry. Before the advent of the festival, people can be seen…

    Hornbill Festival 2020


    • Discover the diverse dances and culture of Northeast
    • Taste the variety of cuisines
    • Enjoy the many events of Hornbill Festival

    Hornbill Festival 2020 - also known as the "Festival of Festivals" - will happen from the 1st to 10th of december 2020 in Kisama Heritage village, near Kohima in Nagaland. Hornbill Festivall is undoubtedly the most popular tribal festival…

    Dree Festival

    Arunachal Pradesh

    • Experience the colorful Dree Festival
    • Discover the lifestyle of the Apatani tribe
    • Cross the mighty Brahmaputra in ferry and spot the Gangetic dolphins

    This program introduces you to the Apatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, which is one of the benevolent people of the area and worship Donyi-Polo (Sun and Moon). The Apatani tribe has a long cycle of agricultural rites and festivals.…

    Aoling Monyu Festival


    • Discover the tribes of Nagaland
    • Experience the Aoling Monyu Festival of the Konyaks
    • Visit the house of the king in Longwa which is half in India and half in Burma
    • Drink a lot of rice beer

    The Aoling Monyu Festival is the annual ‘Spring Festival’ of the Konyaks, the once feared headhunting tribe who reside in the Mon district of Nagaland. It marks the end of winter with the completion of the sowing season by…