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Kaziranga National Park in Assam is home to one of the rarest mammal in the world
- The Great One-Horned Rhino and account almost 70% of the global population
Green Triangle of Northeast India

The Green Triangle

The Green Triangle offers a great introduction to Northeast India in a week. You will start your journey in Guwahati, be guests in a Khasi family, walk the living root bridge in Meghalaya and discover Wildlife in Kaziranga National Park : Rhino, Elephants and many others …

Wild Assam and Arunachal

Wild Assam and Arunachal

Embark on this beautiful wildlife journey where you will witness the amazing diversity of Wildlife. In 15 days, you will visit 5 National Parks (2 UNESCO World Heritage) – More than 600 species of birds and a variety of mammals like Tigers, Rhino, Elephants and many others !

Kohima Luxury Camp Tent for Hornbill Festival

Luxury Tour in Northeast India
SPECIAL Hornbill Festival

Every year, Nagaland hosts one of the biggest gathering uniting for 2 weeks most of its inhabiting Tribes. While you will assist to the Festival, it is only a part of this eco tour experience : meet the locals, walk the Living Root Bridge, observe Wildlife in Kaziranga National Park …

Namdapha National Park Survival Trail View

Namdapha Trail in Assam

Ready for a great Adventure Trekking and Camping in the Rainforest ? Namdapha National Park offers an unparalleled experience in Nature and plethora of Birdlife and wild sightings to nature and wildlife enthusiasts. This Eco Tour is guided and Experience is garanteed !

Homestay in Northeast India

Homestay in Northeast India

Traveling Northeast India is about meeting its people ! They are the best Ambassadors of their villages and Hospitality has not been learned in a Tourism School. This 22 days deep insider Tour, you will enjoy varieties of local food and an unforgettable and Authentic Experience

Losar Festival in Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh

Losar Festival in Tawang

In Arunachal Pradesh, the Buddhist New Year “Losar Festival”  is celebrated by the Monpas in Tawang. In a week time you will celebrate with them the colorful festival and explore Nameri National Park on the way to Tawang and the spectacular Nuranang Falls in Bomdila !