Slow down to the pace of the Brahmaputra river and discover rural life along its path.

A river cruise on the Brahmaputra is the best way to discover Assam up close and in depth.

You will explore this sacred river from an intimate perspective and get a chance to see the local sights and experience a slow life that is deeply rooted in nature and ancient traditions.

Brahmaputra River Cruise

    Bangladesh Wildlife


  • Track the tiger on foot in the mangroves of the Sundarbans
  • Private boat chartered for 4 nights
  • Spot the rare Masked Finfoot
  • Observe the endangered Gangetic Dolphin
  • 8 species of primates
  • Overcrowded, flooded and poor... These are the clich├ęs easily associated with Bangladesh. But after a visit to this fascinating country, you might feel inclined to add adventure, nature, beauty and hospitality to this list. Being one of the most…

    Brahmaputra Cruise


    • A unique way to discover Assam
    • Spot river dolphin and migratory birds while cruising
    • Barbeque dinners on deserted sand islands

    The Brahmaputra River (named as the Son of the Creator of the Cosmos, in Hindu mythology) is one of the holiest rivers of the World! Possibly, the only river of the world which is considered holy by Hindus, Buddhists,…