Tripura Cuisine

The large Bengali community in Tripura makes for a non-vegetarian favoured cuisine, with fish being an integral part of the menu. Most of the household here serves authentic Bengali delicacies.
Their main courses are prepared using meat and vegetables. Mui Borok is the traditional food of Tripura. Tripuri cuisines are prepared using Berma (dried and fermented fish) a key ingredient. Bangui rice and fish stews, meat roasts, local herbs along with bamboo shoots and fermented fish are very popular. Chakhwi, Mwkhwi and Muitru are the major food items of Tripura. Muya Awandru (made of bamboo shoot, rice flour and Berma), The Kosoi Bwtwi (is prepared with Beans and Berma), Muya bai Wahan (preparation include jackfruit, bamboo shoots, papaya, and pork), a pork dish called Wahan and Mosdeng serma, which is a chutney (made of berma, tomato, red chilli and garlic are some of the common dishes of Tripura. The cultural diversity of the ‘Queen of Eastern hills’-Tripura is reflected through its food habits.

There are two main varieties of alcohol prepared by Tripuri women: Chuwak Bwtwk and Chuwarak.

Chuwak bwtwk is basically a beer fermented of rice. Chuwak is considered to be most prized among Tripuris. It is used in special occasion and by elite class of society. It is offered to the honoured and special guest, to almighty Lord Garia in old days. It has soothing taste and special aroma, which attracts the people. Anyone who has it would like to consume it second time and every time.

Chuwarak is a distilled variety of alcohol of Tripuri people. It is like scotch or champagne, if it would have been promoted and innovated like these brands it could have taken the status of vodka or feni. in in a global platform and it is said that the Tripuri whisky is among the safest in the world as there has not been a single case of death due to poisoning by consumption. There are many varieties of chuwarak viz. made of Mami rice, of Pineapple, of Jackfruits, of Guria rice…