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My first connection with India’s spirituality was a book on Hinduism iconography that I bought many years in a small French bookstore long before my first trip to the subcontinent. Its colorful cover with statues of gods and goddesses with multiple arms and artefacts left a lasting impression on me. I usually escape the suffocating summer of the plains to fly to the high plateau of the Himalayas but this year, I decided to postpone my Ladakh
  laurige    July 12, 2018    0
I had heard of Mande Burung; the local yeti, mysterious caves and wildlife sanctuaries hidden in this unknown land that were beckoning me to explore it. I knew it was just waiting to happen, taking space in my mind and patiently waiting for the right opportunity. And one day, Paul my friend called to inquire about a one-week adventure bike trip in the North East. This was my golden chance f
  laurige    June 30, 2018    0
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Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh There is so much going on in Tawang, it definitely is a place to visit. It radiates Buddhism and has natural beauty and serenity. It is surrounded by lakes and is the home to the Monpas, a community in Arunachal Pradesh. The Tawang Monastery The largest monastery in India and second largest in Asia, it houses over 300 monks and is undisputedly the biggest attraction in Tawang. The monastery has several structures withi
  laurige    December 27, 2017    0
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